A new sustainable lightened slab developed by Sismo Spain is already available

Sismo Building Technology Spain has just launched a new lightened slab system, called Sismo Spain LT. Our technical team of engineers have designed a new product that is able to achieve important savings in the structural works, due to the reduction of concrete and steel consumption, keeping the quality and sustainability that characterize our construction system.

Sismo LT could be considered a redesign of our original slab, which makes it lighter and more profitable because it doesn’t need the galvanized steel mash and it considerably reduces the consumption of other materials.

“It could be considered a redesign of our original slab, which makes it lighter and more profitable.”

Reduction of costs in the construction of the structure

One of the biggest advantages of the new sustainable lightened slab Sismo LT is its economic impact within the total cost of the structure, mainly due to the reduction in the consumption of concrete and steel that they require.

According to a comparative study carried out by Javier Rabadán, engineer of Sismo Spain, on a typical 6-storey building with slabs of 1.000 m2, the new lightened slab represents a saving in concrete consumption of 7%, compared to other lightened floors. Regarding the consumption of corrugated steel, we are facing a saving of 6,60%, compared to a traditional floor, and 3%, compared to other systems of lightweight slabs.

All this means a structural economic savings of between 3,94 and 5,78% compared to other systems.

“All this means a structural economic savings of between 3,94 and 5,78 % compared to other systems”

Sustainability and energy efficiency of Sismo LT

Precisely because of this significant reduction in the consumption of materials, specifically concrete and steel, the new lightened slab Sismo Spain LT brings high levels of sustainability to the structure. At the same time, its better acoustic and thermal insulation increases the building life and allows to get high values of energy efficiency.

The new design and its reduced cost open up the possibility to compete in the market of lightened slabs, both one and two way waffle slabs, even for works that do not use Sismo Building Technology or other industrialized systems.

Technical Sheet Sismo LT

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