How to incorporate the industrialized system Sismo into your projects?

Building with Sismo Spain is easy and simple, even if you want to incorporate our industrialized system in the project execution phase.

For that purpose, we offer you different tools that help architects and technicians.

Furthermore, our team of engineers plays an active role in this process, helping them to complete their execution projects with specific details and elements, providing design advice, either in terms of thermal values, structural calculations or any other elements to be considered.

Construction detail library

Our construction detail library is one of the most important tool we make available to our collaborators.

We have a comprehensive construction detail library, which is constantly updated in order to include all the needs of each project. Therefore, projects achieve a level of perfect definition, absolutely essential to their complete execution.

Some of our construction details:

  • General sections
  • Connection betweeen walls
  • Basements and terraces waterproofing
  • Lintels with or without blinds
  • Installations of aluminium and wood frames
  • Finishes for facades and inner walls
  • Downspout placement
  • Roof or balcony overhang

Modulation Tips
For Sismo Projects

Our team of engineers give advice to architects and technicians about different issues they should take into account when they design Sismo projects. These tips include recommendations about elevations, heights, door and window openings, etc. and allow them to get the most of our industrialized system.

Technical Sheets Of Each Sismo Module

Our technical sheets can be downloaded from the web and offer extensive information on each of the Sismo modules. Describe graphically the composition of each of them and their properties.

Technical Support

Sismo Spain also helps with measurements for tenders.

For this, we offer files in presto, word or pdf formats and also offer our knowledge and tools to create new elements, if it’s needed.

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