High quality construction

SISMO was the first high quality construction system certified with the ETA European Technical Approval. In 2001 SISMO® was the first company in the construction sector that received the ETA 01/0001.

Over the years, several tests at universities and building authorities in different countries have proven the SISMO® Building Technology’s exceptional capacities. A selection of test reports can be found in the download section of this website. All reports can be supplied upon request.

Structural quality of homes

Sismo Building Technology is durable and resistant.

Unlike the traditional construction, an industrialized system like Sismo offers a monolithic structure that resists better against earth movements, in such a way that it avoids the later appearance of cracks in the facades.

The composition of Sismo modules (the lattice, the infill panels and the structural filler) provides better quality from fundations to cellar. It is also used for inner walls and slabs, provinding a full structural solution and insulation for all kind of projects.

Let’s start a new project together. Sismo Building Technology is easy, fast, profitable, quality