One of the biggest advantages of Sismo Building Technology as an industrialized system is its high profitability and consequently, the greater competitiveness it offers to developers and builders, because it reduces up to 50% of the execution times of the work, and therefore construction costs. This translates into an early delivery of the home for the end customer.

The Sismo construction system is a cost efficient building method for all parties involved in the building process.

Reduction of construction costs

For the contractor the system is easy to install. The need for specialized labour is heavily reduced. The industrialized process allows efficient planning and an accelerated construction time.

There is no need for investing in expensive formwork as the modules arrive on site with the window and door openings already pre-located and every special shape or form already included. The Sismo modules are lightweight (± 4,5 kg per m² depending on the type of module), therefore there is no need for heavy machinery on site.

The light weight also makes the Sismo modules safer to work with then other heavy prefabricated systems resulting in fewer job-site injuries.

Faster delivery

Building with Sismo shortens the construction time, allowing a faster delivery and quicker usage of the building resulting in a lower pre-financing costs for the developer and for the owner of the project.

The final user of a Sismo building will be astonished by his low energy bill as building with Sismo guarantees a complete and permanent insulation which produces energy savings in cold as well as in hot climates.

Above other construction systems that exist in the market, Sismo provides a significant economic improvement. The largest projects, with many elements that are repeated, are the most suitable for perceiving the economic and technological benefits of the SISMO system.

In summary, Sismo is a cost-efficient construction system, which considerably reduces the duration of construction, and the expenses of the developer, builder and the end user of the property

Let’s start a new project together. Sismo Building Technology is easy, fast, profitable, quality