Fast construction

Our experiences, in different countries, with different kinds of labour have shown that the time required to realize buildings using the Sismo building technology is significantly shorter than any conventional building method.  Building with the Sismo construction system means saving 60% time compared to the traditional system.

Speed, efficiency and agile manufacturing

The key word for Sismo is the industrial character of the system where speed, efficiency and agile manufacturing are central. SISMO is quick to put into action. The modular systems and the prefabricated ones usually talk about projects built in a few months, but they don’t mention the time they need for the modules production in their factories, which exceeds 18 months in some cases. In Sismo, when we talk about deadlines, we refer to site-built construction exclusively, because we just need some weeks to produce our panels.

In addition, when building with Sismo Spain, enclosure and isolation are carried out at the same time, which makes possible to reduce the execution times of the structural stage by up to 60%. This entails an improvement in the total delivery times of the houses and, consequently, an improvement in the return on investment for the developer.

The efficiency of the SISMO system is validated by its agile manufacturing. It is an intelligent system that favors a better organization so as not to suffer uncomfortable postponements.

Let’s start a new project together. Sismo Building Technology is easy, fast, profitable, quality