Eco-friendly Construction

The excellent thermal and acoustic insulation of Sismo Building Technology provides an important reduction of energy consumption at homes. The result is an eco-friendly, energy-efficient and sustainable construction that allows obtaining high-end Energy efficiency certificates and a considerable saving in the electricity bill.

In addition, when building with Sismo Spain, a significant reduction of waste is achieved on site, another factor to consider when talking about sustainable construction.

Improvement in Energy efficiency of homes

When you apply our industrialized system Sismo Spain in exterior enclosures, inner walls and slabs, you get a considerable improvement in energy efficiency of housing, due to its perfect thermal an acoustic insulation. The final result is a high-quality industrialized construction, extremely sustainable if you take into consideration the significant reduction of energy consumption at home. Consequently, with Sismo building technology it’s easier to obtain high energy efficiency certificates, with A or B qualification, that not only make possible to increase its market value, but also improve the comfort at home, at the same time you save money.

As insulation requirements worldwide are becoming stricter, ‘Energy efficient building’ has become a priority in the building industry. Good insulation lowers the energy bill and is beneficial to the environment. Good insulation makes an enormous difference in cold as well as in hot climates.

Exceptional thermal insulation

The Sismo construction system gives the builder the opportunity to choose between a variety of materials to use as infill materials. Most generally EPS or Expanded Polystyrene is used in the Sismo building technology. EPS is not just foam insulation but is an innovative cost-effective insulation material that has been researched for over 30 years.

With insulating infill panels, the Sismo buildings are completely and permanently insulated. There are no thermal bridges. The insulation material can be placed on the outside, on the inside or on both sides of the building module. The type and width of the insulation material can be chosen by the builder as well as the width of the concrete and the type of finish.

Acoustic insulation

The Sismo building technology also guarantees efficient acoustic insulation. Building with Sismo results in a continuous monolithic structure which forms an effective sound barrier. For specific applications, the Sismo module can be tailored to satisfy all acoustic requirements.

Eco-friendly construction system

Thinking Green is becoming more and more important in the construction industry as contractors, developers and home builders look for materials that are eco-friendly.

The Sismo Building Technology is addressing these environmental concerns on several levels. The production process is non-polluting. Recycled materials can be used for the infill panels and using concrete walls instead of wood products helps cut down on the significant problem of deforestation. Using the eco-friendly Sismo Building Technology significantly reduces jobsite waste.

The building constructed will be energy efficient thanks to the highly insulating characteristics of the Sismo construction system and as such, will have a minimal impact on the environment.

Let’s start a new project together. Sismo Building Technology is easy, fast, profitable, quality