Why should you bet on industrialized construction system in Spain?

The industrialized construction in Spain is gaining followers. Although the Sismo Building Technology has been applied to building construction for over 30 years, recently the search for more sustainable and efficient projects, as well as the need to reduce costs and meet the prescribed construction deadlines, has led to many Spanish developers, architecture studies and construction companies to incorporate modular systems into their projects.

Economic benefits of industrialization in construction with Sismo Spain

Sismo Building Technology Spain is an industrialized system that provides numerous benefits and savings for all parties involved in the construction process, from the developer and builder, to the end user of the home. But, undoubtedly, the improvement in the return on investment is our main competitive advantage.
In fact, the configuration of our construction system allows to carry out the structure and thermal and acoustic insulation simultaneously. Moreover, this eliminates certain items such as the patching of framework edges, lintels or patching of pillars, with the consequent cost savings in construction.

All this also translates into a reduction of the total construction time by 30%, which allows an anticipated delivery of the house for the final customer and, consequently, accelerates the return of the investment of the developer.

“The improvement in the return on investment is our main competitve advantage.”

Important improvement of project sustainability

Architects and developers who incorporate Sismo Spain technology to their projects, are also assuming a commitment to sustainability, for different reasons:

  • Because our system reduces the thermal bridges and provides an exceptional thermal insulation. This directly affects to energy efficiency of buildings.
  • Because of the 50% reduction in masonry aids, which in turn significantly reduces debris production at the site and improves waste management.
  • Due to its own production that not generate CO2 and allows the remaining material to be recycled, so the construction is more ecological. The result is a more responsible construction that respect the environment.

The result is a more responsible construction that respects the environment.

Structural quality of our industrialized system

We cannot forget a fundamental issue if you are considering the incorporation of industrialized system to your projects: the quality of the building.

Unlike other modular or prefabricated systems, Sismo Spain guarantees high structural quality and durability. As it is a monolithic structure, it resists better against the movements of the ground, avoiding the appearance of fissures in the facades.

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