High performance construction system

Sismo Building Technology is a global construction system, lightweight and easy to assemble, so it adapts to the requirements and technical regulations of both developing countries, highly industrialized areas, or so-called emerging markets: Sismo is cost-effective construction technology, of universal application.

Global and unlimited production

SISMO® is universally applicable and not culture bound.

The SISMO® building technology can be adapted to every project, from basements, structures, internal partitions and cellars up to the roof structure.

Its high productivity, its brilliant simplicity and modest demand of materials and labour make the SISMO® concept suitable for every socio-economic environment. It increases productivity in industrialized countries and generates a new evolution in economy and industry.

To developing countries, the SISMO® concept offers unlimited possibilities for the optimal use of local skills, labour and raw materials.

SISMO is a high production capacity construction system, universally applicable for social housing projects, using local labour and materials, construction for advanced and developing economies.

Let’s start a new project together. Sismo Building Technology is easy, fast, profitable, quality