Industrialized construction

Industrialized construction for single-family homes and apartments

Sismo Spain is a full building system, which provides structure and isolation at the same time. It can be used for all structural elements of any type of housing. Indeed, this feature makes it unique in the industrialized building sector.

Solución estructural integral

Different applications of our industrialized building system


Our modules for exterior enclosure are used for any project with all types of finishes. Its easy adaptability allows to build the enclosure and isolation of a group of houses or apartment blocks in a few weeks.


The use of our industrialized modules for separation walls is the perfect solution for the acoustic isolation of a project. Consequently, you can also use them for the inner walls.


The basement walls made with Sismo Spain not only provide great resistance and durability, but also an incredible insulation. Its installation facilitates and speeds up the construction process in this phase of the works.


Sismo LT slab is one of the most lightened slab of the market. Its exceptional thermal insulation provides homes with greater sustainability. In addition, it reduces the consumption of concrete and steel, reducing the impact on the environment. Finally, its easy installation makes it the ideal option for any project, even those made using a traditional construction system, such as brick.



As the roof slab, the floor slab made with our construction system improves the sustainability of buildings and comfort inside the house. Its easy and quick placement on site is its great competitive advantage to meet the execution deadlines.

Building system

Modular construction

Technical specifications

Discover more about industrialized construction

Learn more about our construction system, discover how Sismo modules are, their uses and installation processes, and check our technical content to integrate Sismo Building Technology into your execution processes.

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