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Would you like to be a Sismo Spain collaborator?

Would you like to be a collaborator distributor of Sismo Building Technology?

Sismo Spain are looking for collaborators. If you are an architect or builder, and love the industrialized and sustainable building systems, don’t hesitate to join us. You could offer our products in your town achieving great benefits and or discounts in your projects.

How to get started?

  • Contact with our sales department.
  • Receive a personalized training course in our factory. It’s the best way to know first-hand how it works.
  • Start promoting Sismo Building Technology advantages among your proffesional network.
  • Get benefits and/or discounts for every final project you bring to our Study department.

Authorized dealer of Sismo Building Technology

Over the years SISMO® has developed the machines and the software to produce the SISMO® building modules as well as the know-how for their optimal use. SISMO® not only sells the modules but also the SISMO® Production Station (SPS), the machinery and the technology for the production and application of the SISMO® building modules.

SISMO® offers a complete package for the successful start-up and running of such an SPS. This package includes hardware, software (SIS-CAD®), training of the line operators, training of the SIS-CAD® designer, training of the on-site crew leader, pre-shipment test-runs and on-site support during the installation of the SPS at its location.

The SISMO® building technology is unique. Continuous research and development have made the new SISMO® construction technology what it is today, and guarantees constant technical updating to meet the requirements of our partners and customers. Throughout the years the SISMO construction system has been supported by a set of patents registered on an International level to protect the product as well as the production process. We are proud to say that SISMO® was the first company in the construction sector to receive the European Technical Approval (ETA 01/0001).

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