Resistant construction

Resistance to earthquakes fires hurricanes

The proven resistance of buildings built with Sismo Spain is one of its strengths. Its own configuration as a monolithic structure, as well as the quality of the materials used in our panels, give our industrialized system a high resistance against earthquakes or fires.

Construccion Resistente a movimientos sísmicos

Sismo Building Technology resistance

Anti-seismic construction

Calculations and reports made by the University of Leuven (Belgium) according to the Mexican standard and the Istanbul Kültür University (Turkey) have shown that a SISMO structure is very resistant to earthquakes. These results represent the scientific evidence of what experience has shown.

SISMO buildings in countries such as South Korea and Turkey have, over the years shown their anti-seismic characteristics.

SISMO is anti-seismic construction, very resistant to earthquakes, ideal for zones known for their high seismic activity.

Sistema antihuracanes

Sismo is also a construction system that provides resistance in areas of adverse weather. Buildings made with SISMO withstand the tensions and devastating effects of extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, cyclones and tornadoes, and they can withstand the flooding of rivers or prolonged flooding.

Fire resistant building system

The assembled SISMO construction system is a continuous monolithic concrete system. Thanks to that, it does not allow the fire to spread either horizontally or vertically.  This characteristic of being a construction system fire resistant, is also specified in the European Technical Approval (DITE 01/0001). 

The polystyrene used is self extinguishing in compliance with the DIN 4102 rules. If required, the SISMO building technology allows the use of alternative infill materials, for example, fiber cement board is used on the inside of a lift shaft.

Fire resistant tests carried out on different types of SISMO modules have given very satisfactory results:

  • S20® with 10 cm concrete + 2 x 4 cm polystyrene = > 70 mins
  • S25® with 15 cm concrete + 2 x 4 polystyrene = > 140 mins
  • F20® with ribbed floor slabs with a rib depth of 20 cm = > 89 mins

All reports can be supplied upon request.

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