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Sismo Building Technology Spain is the leading industrialized construction company in Europe. An innovative and highly efficient modular building system, which allows to improve the structural quality of any kind of projects. SISMO has been a leader in the implementation of fast, affordable, durable and environmentally sound building technology.

Established in Belgium in 1985, SISMO combines more than 30 years of experience in development and application of the SISMO building technology with a dynamic group of partners and co-workers. International cooperation and ongoing research ensure that the SISMO building technology will continue to exceed expectations. Nowadays, it is working in more than 88 countries. The prime domain for the SISMO group of companies is to address the challenges in the modern building industry in a financially stable business environment. We strive to build long term relationships with all our stakeholders in the building industry.

Throughout the years the technology has been supported by a set of international patents registered to protect the product as well as the production process. We are proud to say that SISMO was the first company in the construction sector to receive the European Technical Approval (ETA 01/0001).

In 2012, Pedro Antonio Rodríguez, Managing Director of a construction group, decided to export the system to Spain, with the intention of applying its innumerable advantages to its own projects, but also with the clear objective of laying the foundations of the Industrialized construction in Spain, through an innovative and sustainable system, that allows to improve the construction processes while reducing the environmental impact they have.


Our values

Committed to sustainability

At Sismo Spain we are committed to sustainability in construction. Our industrialized system allows building in a more ecological way and contributes to making homes more efficient. It is precisely because of our commitment to the environment that in May 2022 we decided to bet on the installation of photovoltaic panels in our warehouse. With this investment, we have achieved not only economic savings on the electricity bill, but this effort also has an impact on making the production of our industrialized construction panels more sustainable. At Sismo we are convinced that small gestures like this make construction an increasingly sustainable sector.

A professional team at your service

Sismo Spain makes available to technicians, builders and developers a professional team of engineers who help them throughout the process, from the adaptation of the project to SisCAD® technology to the transfer and assembly of construction panels on site.

The quality of our attention and training is the key to our success.

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