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About us

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Sismo Building Technology is an innovative industrialized building system, a complete structural solution that provides structure and insulation at the same time. The result is high quality buildings.


Our system has 30 years of experience in development and application of the SISMO® technology in 88 countries. Along this time, we have provided an excellent structural quality to all kind of projects, with a safe, easy and fast building method.



Sismo Building Technology is committed with the sustainability and is really concerned with reducing the environmental impact of housing construction.


Building with SISMO® shortens the building time, allowing a faster delivery and quicker usage of the building resulting in a lower pre-financing costs for the developer and for the owner of the project.

A professional team at your service

Sismo Spain makes available to technicians, builders and developers a professional team of engineers who help them throughout the process, from the adaptation of the project to SisCAD® technology to the transfer and assembly of construction panels on site.

The quality of our attention and training is the key to our success.


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