Building System

Industrial modular building system

SISMO is an innovative building system, applicable to any kind of buildings and projects, residential, commercial or industrial, worldwide, currently operating in 88 countries.

Economic development and urbanization increase the demand for affordable housing in the world. As an innovative industrialized building system, SISMO® building technology answers the needs of building developers, contractors and architects to build fast and cost efficiently with high structural quality.

SISMO®, an advanced building system, combines 20 years of experience in development and application of the SISMO® technology with a young and dynamic group of co-workers. Ongoing research and development ensure that our products will continue to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Today SISMO® already works together with partners around the world for the production and commercialization of SISMO® building modules on regional markets. At SISMO®, building solid lasting relationships with our partners and customers is just as important as building superior projects.

Please take your time to explore our website to learn more about the innovative SISMO® building system and find out about our solutions for all your building needs.