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High quality industrialized building system

Sismo Building Technology is an innovative industrialized building system, leader in Spain manufacturing high-quality and customized construction panels.

Generally used for exterior enclosures, slabs and roofs, it can also be incorporated to inner and separation walls. Our industrialized system completely replaces the brick and constitutes an integral constructive solution due to the fact that it also offers a perfect envelop, providing an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Indeed, using Sismo Building Technology in house construction, you get a significant reduction of thermal bridges and, consequently, a high energy certification for houses.

With more than 30 years of experience and presence at 88 countries around the world, the system arrived to Spain in 2012. Since its factory based on Marbella (Málaga), the Sismo modules are produced and distributed throughout Spain and different African countries.

The basic structure of the Sismo construction system is a three dimensional module, the Sismo module. This module is made from a galvanized steel wire lattice. At the exterior sides infill panels are inserted. These panels transform the lattice into a closed structure, which is filled with structural material (concrete). The steel wires also act as armature and anchoring for the finishing material.

Unlike other prefabricated or industrialized building system, Sismo modules are custom-built according to the characteristic of each architectural project and produced quickly. All this combined with its easy and fast installation on site, means a significant reduction of execution deadlines. For all those reasons, the system is highly profitable for builders and developers.

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