Easy Construction

The industrialized system Sismo Spain simplifies the building process considerably.

Thanks to the lightness of the modules no heavy or expensive site materials are needed. Modules can easily be handled and assembled manually by one or two workers, reducing the use of auxiliary resources on site.

Reduction of auxiliary resources

Sismo construction modules present a remarkable easiness in handling, transport and assembly thanks to a very low weight that permits their use in any condition. Depending on the type of Sismo module the weight will be between 2 kg and 7 kg.

As a reference; an S25® 4PS x 4PS, one of the most commonly used Sismo modules weighs 3,9 kg per square meter.

Simple building system

One of the best advantages of Sismo Spain is that it is easy and simple. It is an innovative industrialized system that allows building external walls, structure, internal walls and roofing insulation easily, just assembling the Sismo modules as if it were a model, according with the project. As a result, it simplifies the construction process, especially during the structural phase.

Let’s start a new project together. Sismo Building Technology is easy, fast, profitable, quality