Modular Construction

Construccion modular

Use and components of Sismo modules

The SISMO® module is universal and can be adapted to every project, from foundations and cellars up to roof structures. It’s high productivity, it’s brilliant simplicity and the modest demands for materials and labour make the SISMO® module the best solution for every building project.

The basic structure of the SISMO® construction system is a three dimensional module, the SISMO® module. This module is made from a galvanized steel wire lattice. At the exterior sides infill panels are inserted. These panels transform the lattice into a closed structure, which is filled with structural material (concrete). The steel wires also act as armature and anchoring for the finishing material.

Different functionalities

Bearing walls, partition walls, slabs and roof slabs.

3 Dimensional module

It’s made from a galvanized steel wire lattice, infill panels and structural material.

The lattice

The basic element of the Sismo concept is a three-dimensional lattice made of galvanized steel wire.

This lattice performs a number of basic function:

  • It serves to receive the infill panels forming the shuttering for the structural material
  • It acts as an armature and as an anchoring for the cladding or rendering.
  • it acts as a guide for concrete reinforcement.

In our factory we make the lattice with the required dimensions – according to the project – and it is used to place the EPS lost formwork panels.


Sistema modular - mallas reforzadas
Módulos y paneles de relleno

The infill panels

The infill panels transform the lattice into a closed structure.

The type of infill used is governed by the purpose of the wall. The material will depend on whether the wall is load-bearing or not, insulated or otherwise. The lattice is so flexible that numerous alternative construction methods can be used according to the function of the walls and the type of materials that are locally available.


The structural filler

The installation of the infill panels creates a closed space to be filled with the structural material.

The exact material used depends on the purpose of the structure and locally available materials. Both high density and light concretes are frequently employed. Reinforcement can be added when local codes so require.

The final module will have the height of the floor and the dimensions that have been studied in the project, being prepared for installations and finishes.

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