Structural integrity

duradero y mayor fortaleza de la estructura

The strength of the SISMO modules, durable and secure, is far greater than the traditional construction method, providing an incredible structural integrity.
The superior design of the SISMO® module provides maximum strength during concrete placement. Once complete, SISMO® structures reach an incredible structural integrity. Tests and experience have shown that the strength of a SISMO® structure is far greater then a comparable traditional structure, the structural properties of the concrete material contained in the SISMO® module are optimized. Insulated formwork improves the concrete cure quality.

A test carried out on a finished SISMO®wall with a diameter of only 20cm, with two times four centimeters of insulation and a concrete core of 10cm (S20® 4PS x 4PS) have shown that the wall can bear loads up to 3000KN.

If correctly placed concrete and polystyrene will not rot or decay, making a SISMO® structure virtually maintenance free for many years to come.