Townhouses in Barcelona built with SISMO Building Technology

Sismo reduces the construction time in 3 months





Townhouses in Barcelona built with SISMO Building Technology 


The construction company Maresmed completed the first phase of 7 detached houses incorporating the SISMO construction system to build the last three units. This was a first for Maresmed with SISMO technology and proved a total success. Maresmed shortened construction by 3 months when compared to traditional shuttering system and ceramic enclosures.

This process was possible thanks to the technical support offered by SISMO Building Technology Spain, which starts from studying the optimal implementation of SISMO to the original project design, to the on-site assembly. An important advantage is simplicity; only 2 training days were needed to prepare “a competent team capable of carrying out our future projects with professionalism”, assured the contractor.


Once you try it, you will not stop using it“.

For the contractor, there will be a before and after using the SISMO system:  “We will implement SISMO for all our future work, from the very beginning of the last project; it has given us an unbeatable advantage”.

Joaquín de Frutos (Maresmed M.D.


Sismo Barcelona

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