sismo reduce el tiempo de ejecución

The Sismo reduces the execution time in 3 months

The construction company Maresmed has completed a first phase of 7 single-family houses, in which it incorporated the SISMO system for the construction of the last three units. This has been Maresmed’s first experience with Sismo technology, and it has been a success. Maresmed was able to shorten the execution time by 3 months compared to the time originally planned with the traditional formwork system and ceramic enclosures.

This process has been possible thanks to the technical support provided by Sismo Building Technology Spain from the adaptation of the project, to the execution on site; and the simplicity and ease of implementation of the system: 2 days of training for the manager and handlers, were enough to prepare “a competent team to face the next executions with solvency,” says the builder.

“Once you try the good, you can not quit.”
For the builder, there will be a before and after SISMO: “In future projects we will use construction technology
Earthquake from the beginning of the project, has shown insurmountable advantages “.

Joaquín de Frutos, Director of Maresmed.

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