Sismo walls supersede the Technical Building Code DB-HR

Sismo walls supersede the Technical Building Code DB-HR 

Noise Protection Regulations

The use of Sismo walls, whether structural or simply dividing walls, complies with the latest Spanish legislation regarding Noise Protection.

The Royal Decree of 23 April 2009, replacing the Royal Decree of October 19, 2007 “Basic Document DB-HR of Protection Against Noise” marks the limit of airborne noise between different rooms in a building according to its uses.

The Sismo system has several different types of walls that resolve each scenario mentioned in the above legislation, resulting in a building with high noise protection regardless of usage. The Sismo walls, thanks to their concrete core have a high resistance to airborne sound and can be improved by increasing their thickness to reach the​​ required value in any conceivable situation.

Using the following example we can see the type of wall Sismo uses depending on the required separation needed and relevant regulations:

Cumplimiento del DB-HR de la CTE con muros Sismo

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In the case of exterior enclosure walls the use of the S25_4Np_4Np Sismo panels, reaches an airborne noise resistance of 56 dBA, over 10% above the normal 50 dBA regulation.

In the case of dividing walls between buildings, using Sismo S20_4Np_4Np panels allows you to obtain a resistance of over 52 dBA, well above the 45 dBA required by the DB-HR document.

For the internal partitions, the use of the S15_4Np_4Np Sismo panels, reaches 47 dBA, a figure comfortably over the required 33 dBA mentioned in the Technical Building Code.

Cumplimiento del DB-HR de la CTE con muros Sismo

                                                  Sismo exterior enclosure walls

Cumplimiento del DB-HR de la CTE con muros Sismo

                                                                Sismo internal partitions


By implementing the Sismo construction system you are assured of a building with high quality noise insulation;far above any requirements demanded by current legislation, ensuring maximum comfort to the end user and peace of mind for developers both nationally and internationally.


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