Sismo: A Comprehensive Building Solution

Structure, Insulation, External Walls and Internal Partitions with Sismo


Another construction Project starts using Sismo Building Technology

50% Reduction of Total Construction Time


Sismo, as a comprehensive construction solution, facilitates building the structure, insulation, external walls and internal partitions at once, providing a high quality building within tight deadlines. The SISMO interior partitions can also be non -structural, allowing for future modifications.


Retaining walls and partitions with Sismo

Once the SISMO structure and internal partitions are built, the electricity and plumbing installation phase can be initiated immediately. On this project, the opening of channels for the plumbing and electricity installations can be pre planned, reducing by 60% the time needed for this essential part of construction. 


 The installations phase can commence after finishing just the structure and the internal partitions

IMG_3813r95ed1f22876f (1)

Four duplex apartments in 1.800 square meters



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