Real Estate Developers in Spain choose SISMO Building Technology

Among the most important advantages of SISMO Building Technology for Real Estate Developers is the improved return on investment and competitive advantages afforded to projects that implement this quality construction system.

SISMO is an industrialized building system, which through speed and quality of execution, offer various savings and benefits to all the parties involved in the construction process: from the developer, the contractor, and the final user of the building.

Promotores en España apuestan por el sistema constructivo Sismo

The SISMO system builds the structure and the thermal and acoustic insulation simultaneously, thus contributing to the elimination of certain items, such as patching of framework edges, lintels or patching of pillars; with the consequent cost savings. The implementation of SISMO reduces total construction time by a minimum of 30%.

Furthermore, SISMO eliminates the generation of thermal bridges, and reduces 50% of masonry works, which in turn, greatly reduces the generation of debris in the execution of the works, consequently reducing the costs and times associated to waste management, resulting in a more sustainable construction process.

Promotores en España apuestan por el sistema constructivo Sismo

Important Real Estate Developers not only from the Costa del Sol but also in Barcelona, as well as private developers, are committed to SISMO Building Technology and rely on their benefits, and continue implementing it in their development of single-family and multifamily housing.

The company IDDomus, a developer of modern and exclusive villas on the Costa del Sol, is now projecting all of its projects with SISMO from design conception, including not only the enclosure walls, but also the partitioning of the home, seeking high quality thermal and acoustic insulation throughout the entire home.

Promotores en España apuestan por el sistema constructivo Sismo

Currently the developer, Reserva del Higueron is building 70 apartments with SISMO Building Technology. This complex named South Beach is composed of seven buildings of spacious beach view apartments of two and three bedrooms, with modern finishing and maximum energy efficiency. The same developer has also chosen SISMO to build their line of modern villas, a reference in the Costa del Sol.

Another example of a repeating SISMO client is the real estate developer Sierra Blanca Estates. After the completion and sale the first phase of 16 luxury apartments constructed with SISMO Building Technology, the second phase composed of 20 duplex luxury apartments of 300m2 each, is currently under construction with SISMO. On the second phase, SISMO is being implemented to simultaneously raise all the interior partitions as the structure is being raised. This SISMO construction solution is affording the developer a 40% reduction in total construction time while delivering excellent thermal and acoustic insulation to their home buyer.

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