Modular construction houses

In a first phase, the architect presents the construction plans to be performed on paper or digitally to SISMO. Then, the project of the architect is converted in such a way that the system SISMO can understand, by using the SIS-CAD software. The following is the manufacturing of the parameters required by the architect for the SISMO production station.

Modular Construction Process SIS-Cad

The installation process on-site starts when the panels have been transferred from the production station to the exact location of the site. With the SISMO system implementation there is no need for specialized labour or expensive components: the panels can be placed simply on the floor, and then arranged vertically. No special equipment is needed to move them, since they are not excessively heavy.

Modular Construction Process Panel Installations

The panels are joined through a metals stapling system, forming a wall, resulting in a fast and easy installation on-site. According to the applicable regulations of the area, or the investigations about the stability, it may be necessary to add an extra reinforcement.

Modular Construction Process Panel Installations Modular Construction Process Panel Installations









When all the modules have been placed together, assembled, the structural fill can be added. The installation of the infill panels creates a closed space, which the structural material can be poured. Both light and high-density concretes can be used, as well as any other locally available material. At this point, some improvements can still be made.

Modular Construction Process Panel Installations

The cement dries after 12 to 24 hours and then it is possible to dismount the scaffolds. It is the time to finish the SISMO panel’s installation process with the latest details or adjustments.

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