Making construction affordable

abaratar construcción y refuerzos-obra-refuerzo

SISMO can adapt the quantity of the reinforcements to the local building normative, stabilizing the structure, minimizing the assembly times and costs, in order to make the construction affordable.

Sometimes the applicable regulations of the area advise to add a simple extra reinforcement.

The SISMO lattice makes those connection elements to remain in place. There are several factors to consider in order to obtain a successful and efficient installation. You will find more information on other sections from this site.

Due to its versatility, the SISMO modules work along with the current stability regulations, in areas such as the thickness of the cement center, connections, etc.

The Civil Engineering Department at the University of Louvain and SISMO together have worked and researched to develop a guide for the fastening of the walls with SISMO, minimizing the assembly times, reducing the construction costs, and making easier to place them at the building site, making the construction affordable. Performance improves when the walls made with SISMO are projected along with the bracings, construction elements that stabilize the structure, preventing the displacement and deformation of the structure.

Regulation NEN 6720 establishes that the bracings should be elements of horizontal load, reinforced with joints of the building. You can request that guide with the information, data and tables.


The lattice is assembled by combining volumes measuring 10 x 15cm in front elevation. The lattices should be assembled in such a way that their length is always a multiple of those measures to ensure that the connections remain in place.

To ensure that the panel is filled with concrete, the U junctions should have the maximal diameter, as follows: