General Specifications SISMO® module:

  • Galvanized steel wires of 2.2 mm
  • Filler panels: EPS, Neopor, mineral wool, hard board, etc.
  • Modular dimensions (15 cm high and 10 cm wide)
  • The standard module SISMO measuring 1.2 m wide with a maximum height of 12 m.
Tablero duro x Tablero duro Tablero duro x 4 cm de EPS Tablero duro x 8 cm de EPS 4 cm de EPS x 4 cm de EPS 4 cm de EPS x 8 cm de EPS4 cm de lana mineral x 4 cm de EPS4 cm de lana mineral x 8 cm de EPS
S6® S6®_2HB S6®_PS4
S10® S10®_2HB S10®_2PS
S15® S15®_2HB S15®_HB_PS4 S15®_HB_PS8 S15®_2PS
S20® S20®_2HB S20®_HB_PS4 S20®_HB_PS8 S20®_2PS S20®_PS4_PS8 S20®_RW4_PS4 S20®_RW4_PS8
S25® S25®_2HB S25®_HB_PS4 S25®_HB_PS8 S25®_2PS S25®_PS4_PS8 S25®_RW4_PS4 S25®_RW4_PS8
S30® S30®_2HB S30®_HB_PS4 S30®_HB_PS8 S30®_2PS S30®_PS4_PS8 S30®_RW4_PS4 S30®_RW4_PS8
S35® S35®_2HB S35®_HB_PS4 S35®_HB_PS8 S35®_2PS S35®_PS4_PS8 S35®_RW4_PS4 S35®_RW4_PS8
S40® S40®_2HB S40®_HB_PS4 S40®_HB_PS8 S40®_2PS S40®_PS4_PS8 S40®_RW4_PS4 S40®_RW4_PS8
S45® S45®_2HB S45®_HB_PS4 S45®_HB_PS8 S45®_2PS S45®_PS4_PS8 S45®_RW4_PS4 S45®_RW4_PS8
S50® S50®_2HB S50®_HB_PS4 S50®_HB_PS8 S50®_2PS S50®_PS4_PS8 S50®_RW4_PS4 S50®_RW4_PS8
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