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New villa with Sismo: Interview with the Architect

IDDOMUS has chosen SISMO® Building Technology as part of a new turnkey project: a detached house of modern looks, minimalist and functional, “whose Nordic standards offer a maximum guarantee to the customers, beyond those standard building normative”, assures the Architect Concha Haro.

On previous occasions the IDDomus team had worked with new construction systems and materials in Spain, in order to improve thermal and acoustic insulation.

This time, they have chosen “working with SISMO®, because the system offers the benefits of prefabricated construction, with the flexibility and adaptation possibilities that traditional construction provides“, adds Concha.

“Other concrete prefabricated systems, do not offer such a broad range of measurements through the SISMO® lattice; therefore, the design of any type of building could be easily adapted to the SISMO® technology. In addition, it allows the flexibility to include or remove electricity installation points, water supplies, and telecommunications, in case o future changes of technology”.

SISMO: an excellent option for thermal and acoustic insulation

“The SISMO® system also provides improved acoustic and thermal insulation, not only from the exterior, but also in between the rooms, as well as reducing thermal bridges to a minimum”, concludes the Architect.

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