Industrialized construction system in Morocco.
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Industrialized construction system

The industrialized system that adapts 100% to your project

Are you looking for an industrialized construction system for your next project in Morocco?

Sismo Spain is an innovative industrialized system, a pioneer in Spain and Morocco, specialized in the manufacture of high-quality construction panels for single-family homes and all types of buildings. One of its main advantages is that, unlike other systems, it allows for total customization, adapting to all types of projects.

t is mainly used for the construction of enclosures, floors and roofs, but it also serves as a system for separating rooms or homes.

It completely replaces traditional brick-based construction systems and is considered an integral construction solution that provides its buildings with a perfect isolation, allowing it to be used as a thermal and acoustic insulation system. As a result, a high energy certification is obtained.

We have more than 30 years of experience in Europe and presence in 88 countries worldwide. Since our arrival in Spain in 2012, we have produced more than 200,000 square meters of Sismo panels for Spanish and Moroccan construction projects.

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