IDDOMUS chooses Sismo

Cutting Edge Building Technology

IDDOMUS, an innovative designer and builder of luxury homes in the Costa del Sol has chosen SISMO, a cutting edge construction technology which makes traditional construction methods obsolete in terms of Speed, Quality, Cost efficiency and Sustainability. “There are many advantages to this method of construction, which support the high Quality of IDDOMUS Unique Designer Villas”, assured Gert Cleymans, Iddomus M.D.

The SISMO® system is fully adaptable to the architect’s creativity and allows for infinite possibilities in the design of the building, including curved structures and without restrictions, providing a construction method with virtually unlimited possibilities, and for the client, tangible advantages are the faster delivery and a quicker usage of the building, and a lower energy bill.

Currently IDDOMUS is building two luxury villas in Marbella, in which SISMO is specified from the design stage as a comprehensive construction technology that encompass structure, external walls, insulation, and roofs, as well as  the internal partitions, obtaining a reduction of the total construction time in 50%.

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