Self extinguishing materials

resistentes a incendiosThe assembled SISMO® construction system is a continuous monolithic concrete system, thus without fire leakage through the assembled system (horizontally, vertically…). This characteristic of being a construction system fire resistant, is also specified in the European Technical Approval.

The polystyrene used is self extinguishing in compliance with the DIN 4102 rules, where necessary the SISMO® building technology allows the use of alternative infill materials, for example; fiber cement board is used on the inside of a lift shaft.


Fire resistant tests carried out on different types of SISMO modules have given very satisfactory results.

  • S20® with 10 cm concrete + 2 x 4 cm polystyrene = > 70 mins
  • S25® with 15 cm concrete + 2 x 4 polystyrene = > 140 mins
  • F20® with ribbed floor slabs with a rib depth of 20 cm = > 89 mins

All reports can be supplied upon request.


sistema constructivo resistentes al fuegosistemas de construcción que son resistentes al fuego