Fast construction

Fast construction, a challenge for architects and developers
June 22, 2018 Beatriz Funes

Reduction in the building time with Sismo Spain

The experience has shown us that architects and developers has the same goals when they start a new residential project: they want to keep the initial deadlines and reduce the building and delivery times. Frequently, achieving it becomes a challenge, due to the shortage of qualified manpower and the raise in construction costs in general.

In this context, the use of our industrialized building system represents an advantage. Indeed, Sismo Spain is able to produce their modules for a whole residential project in record time, which allows us to deliver the work always on time.

In addition, when executing the walls with Sismo, structure, enclosure and isolation of the houses are carried out simultaneously. This is what happens in Green Hills, this promotion of 14 luxury villas developed by Nordi Homes in Mijas.

Sismo panels are installed directly on site and easily filled with concrete by a single operator, reducing costs and time on site and improving the profitability of the residential promotion.


Adosadas industrializadas

Complete structural solution

Green Hills project was originally thought with Sismo, which allows its use as a complete structural solution, achieving diaphanous areas with hardly any pillars. Furthermore, its new reinforcement system in corners, doors and windows, and gaps in general, represents a significantly improve thermal and acoustic insulation, which means greater energy efficiency of homes.

The result is a high quality construction, fast and profitable.


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