Construction of industrialized houses

Construction of industrialized houses
March 23, 2020 Beatriz Funes

Industrialized houses, the construction of the future we already have in the present

Talking about industrialized housing is the order of the day. Many developers, construction companies and individuals have begun to become aware of the advantages of working with innovative construction systems, which replace brick and allow greater structural quality to be achieved in a shorter execution time.

A decade ago talking about industrialized apartment blocks or single-family homes was almost a dream. It was something we associated with the future of the construction. In this context, in fact, Sismo Spain began its journey, importing into Spain a construction system that already worked in other European countries but which was still little known here. However, in recent years we have experienced an increase in industrialized housing construction companies. They allow that part of the construction process is carried out in the factory, reducing execution times and the amount of waste and labor. At the same time, this process has greatly increase the quality of the properties.

En la imagen, un bloque de viviendas construido con Sismo Spain

“They allow that part of the construction process is carried out in the factory, reducing execution times and the amount of waste and labor.”

Quality homes built faster

But why industrialized systems like ours allow us to build houses faster? There are many reasons, but mainly, it is because we produce enclosure walls or slabs in the factory, saving time on site, and also because the modular construction allows us to get tasks to be carried out simultaneously. For example, the Sismo modules already have built-in thermal and acoustic insulation, thanks to its composition (expanded polystyrene panels on the outside and concrete on the inside). In addition, its assembly is easy and fast, being able to be moved and installed by one or several people, which speeds up the process considerably.

This in turn implies an increase in the quality of the homes being built. An industrialized building constructed with Sismo Spain is much more resistant and durable. In addition, it offers great thermal insulation and minimizes thermal bridges, so the resulting homes obtain better energy efficiency certificates.

On the other hand, the manufacturing of the Sismo panels is very fast, which means that the developer does not have to wait long production terms, as it happens with other prefabricated systems. This means that the construction of industrialized houses with our system is one of the fastest on the market in total times.

“An industrialized building constructed with Sismo Spain is much more resistan and durable”

Construcción de vivienda unifamiliar con Sismo Spain

More sustainable industrialized housing

All this, in turn, is related to another fundamental aspect of the construction of the future: the respect for the environment and sustainability. Building with industrialized systems not only produce more sustainable homes, but also the construction process itself can be considered more ecological, by generating less waste on site and allowing the recycling of the excess parts.

If we add to this the improvement in insulation and, consequently, in energy savings within the home, we find ourselves with sustainable and eco-efficient industrialized homes, which reduce emissions to a minimum.



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