Adaptable and efficient

versátil y Eficiente

The infinite variability of the SISMO® concept provides a construction method with virtually unlimited possibilities; a versatile, adaptable and efficient construction system.

The SISMO® module can be used for the construction of load bearing vertical elements, partitions, curtain walls, floors and roofs. In all cases different geometrical shapes can easily be obtained both plain and curved, in the module surface as well as in the pre-located window and door openings.


The SISMO® construction system is suitable for all kinds of projects, whether it’s a house or a village, apartments, offices or industrial buildings, high- or low-rise.

SISMO® gives unlimited design possibilities. The shape, the type of infill panels and finishing materials can be chosen freely. However simple or fantastic the design, however traditional or daring, any project can be realised with the SISMO® Building Technology.