Building Technology como sistema industrializado

One of the most significant advantages of Sismo Building Technology as a comprehensive construction system is its high profitability, and therefore the greater competitiveness for developers and builders. Sismo reduces up to 50% of construction times and costs. Consequently, this results in an early delivery of the property for the end customer.
Sismo allows building external walls, structure, internal walls and roofing insulation, for a complete thermal and acoustic insulation. The final result is a high quality and eco-friendly building, due to lower energy consumption, able to get high range Energy Certificate, which not only increase its value, but also improve its liveability, offering greater comfort and real savings on energy bills for the end user.

Sismo is industrialized construction, highly profitable for developers and builders, versatile and adaptable, that can be used in all types of buildings: from social housing, to luxury homes.

sistema construcción industrializado con sismo