Reducing thermal bridges

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SISMO is a construction system that provides permanent thermal and acoustic insulation, reduces thermal bridges and can be adapted to the insulation needs of different climates.

As insulation requirements worldwide are becoming stricter, ‘Energy efficient building’ has become a priority in the building industry. Good insulation lowers the energy bill and is beneficial to the environment. Good insulation makes an enormous difference in cold as well as in hot climates.

The SISMO® construction system gives the builder the opportunity to choose between a variety of materials to use as infill materials. Most generally EPS or Expanded Polystyrene is used in the SISMO® building technology. EPS is not just foam insulation but is an innovative cost-effective insulation material that has been researched for over 30 years. With insulating infill panels, the SISMO® buildings are completely and permanently insulated. There are no thermal bridges. The insulation material can be placed on the outside, on the inside or on both sides of the building module. The type and width of the insulation material can be chosen by the builder as well as the width of the concrete and the type of finish.

The SISMO® building technology also guarantees efficient acoustic insulation. Building with SISMO® results in a continuous monolithic structure which forms an effective sound barrier. For specific applications, the SISMO® module can be tailored to satisfy all acoustic requirements.