Cost-efficient & Fast construction

ventajas-sistema-constructivo-industrializadoSISMO is an industrialized building system for all kinds of projects, residential and commercial, featuring high quality at competitive prices, and offering numerous advantages for builders, developers, and the end-user of the building.
Some of its advantages as an effective construction system include speed and profitability; Sismo makes it possible to reduce the working times on site by up to 50% compared to the traditional system.


Sismo also provides high quality thermal and acoustic insulation, reducing energy consumption in the building, resultingin a modern and green building, able to achieve Energy Certificates, generating real savings in energy bills.
Its versatility and adaptability allows any type of architectural design, including a variety of shapes and complex volumes, effective structural solutions, eliminating additions that may generate future cracks and moisture. Sismo is also highly resistant to fires and hurricanes.
Due to its ability to adapt to the requirements and technical regulations, of both, developing countries and highly industrialized areas, or the emerging markets, Sismo is a global construction system, light and easy to assemble: Cost-efficient technology of universal application.